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Modulate This! just turned 8 years old – woot! Looking Back In looking back at last year’s posts here are some categories which were areas of focus and also were were popular with readers. - With the launch of Live 9 this category was quite popular. One article of... Read more →

Native Instruments Video: Announcing Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0

Just saw this video on Create Digital Music’s “Hands-on Visual Tour: What’s New in Maschine 2 Software, Maschine Studio Hardware“ post and wanted to pass it along. Man the screens look gorgeous and NI really is doing some interesting things with the displays and the visual feedback. Watch embedded video... Read more →

Well I was just about to close the lid on my laptop and I saw the above photo on facebook page! Yes folks, that’s the brand new Maschine Studio. Well I jumped right over to their site and found a preview article loaded with photos and details of this... Read more →