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Camel Audio Releases 2 New Sound banks and a New Skin

Camel Audio just released two new sound banks. Biolabs: Alchemy LabsGenetically enhanced Biolabs Alchemy Labssoundscapes, mutant pads and sound effects machines for electronica, ambient and IDM.

You can download from for $59. One of the coolest things about this sound back is that it also comes with a new skin which is shown below. Click the screenshot to enlarge.


The second sound bank is Electronic AlchemyJunkie XL: Future Oldskool. Oldskool synths, fat basses and driving loops for dance, electronica & house.

Again, available as a digital download for $59 at

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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Camel Audio Alchemy V1.12 Released Along with New FActory Content


Camel Audio has released Alchemy V1.12.22. It is a free update for registered users. Along with this update they have released a new set of samples and presets for the Factory library as part of the Group Buy bonuses.

Alchemy is one of my favorite synths for sound design and AudioCube work. I think it’s amazing that they are still offering content to reward those who participated in the group buy! I’m really enjoying some of the new presets, especially the Choirs. I also find that with each point release, Alchemy GUI gets a little snappier.

Registered users should visit, login and download updates.

I’ve pasted update info from their web site below.

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Modulate This! - Best of 2009 Electronic Music Tech


Despite the economic downturn, 2009 was thankfully a huge year when it came to new technology for electronic music artists. Rather than try and cover every significant release, I’ll instead list some of my favorite products and notable trends.

The Year of Abletonimage
What a big year for Ableton. Live 8 with great new features set, Max for Live, 10th Anniversary of Ableton, launch of Live Intro, dedicated hardware controllers (APC40 & Launchpad). Awesome!

Grid (Matrix) Controllers

Grid controllers everywhere in 2009. New controllers like the APC40, Launchpad and Bliptronics 5000. Continued development with existing controllers like Tenori-On and Monome. The grid metaphor also became quite prevalent in apps as well. I have the APC40 and Tenori-On and simply love them.

Percussa Audio Cubes “Tangible Interface”

Not new in 2009 but new to me, Percussa AudioCubes are self-powered wireless computer systems. Cubes can detect and interact with each other and can detect the proximity of your hand near a cube face sensor and send this controller information to your DAW or to various free software apps provided by Percussa. I working with a 4 cube configuration within Ableton Live.

Fantastic Synths
A great year for virtual instruments. Below is a list of new and updates synths that I used over and over again in 2009 for both sound design and for music performance.

  • u-he ACE (Any Cable Anywhere)

    This synth just released by I use it all the time now! It’s a fantastic virtual analog synth with a great UI with patch cables. Sounds like butta’.

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Percussa Audio Cubes: Lights & Tangible Interface with Ableton Live and Alchemy

Mark Mosher Percussa Audio Cubes

I recently added Percussa AudioCubes to my studio and performance rig. While I’m planning a longer post offering an overview of how AudioCubes work, this is a quick post to mention two applications of AudioCube technology I’ve been experimenting with.


First, I’m using them as lights. You can send RGB values to the cubes via MIDI. In the picture above, you can see a color fade being sent to an AudioCube via an Ableton MIDI clip. In a nutshell, you can sequence cubes as multi-color light sources against a timeline.  Controller number 14 is used for Red, 15 for Green and 16 for Blue.


Second, I’ve been experimenting with using AudioCubes+Ableton Live +VSTs to create "performance instruments” that I can play via cubes. In the picture above (click to enlarge), , I’m using Camel Audio Alchemy as a MIDI device with Ableton Live 8. The picture shows crop of a free Percussa app called MIDIBridge which is used to configure the cube settings. I’m using MIDI Yoke ports (I’m on Vista-32) between MIDIBridge and Ableton Live.

I am mapping device parameters to the X/Y of the remix pad in Alchemy. I then MIDI map faces of a an AucioCube in “sensor” mode to the performance parameters. In sensor mode, the AudioCube detects the proximity of my hands to their sides of the cube face and sends out a continuous controller value based on my hand position. So one face controls X, another Y. The same idea would work with Native Instruments KORE2.

Result = radical sonic changes within Camel Audio Alchmy presets with real time control via an AudioCube.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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Camel Audio Group Buy

Image as described above.

Modulate This reader Steve C. sent me a heads-up email on a group buy from Camel Audio. Here is a brief summary from the group buy page:

As widely requested by potential customers in our recent survey and in view of the tough economic times, Camel Audio are pleased to announce the Camel Audio Group Buy opportunity.

The price of Alchemy is currently $249 outside of the Group Buy, but with a maximum discount of 50% you could end up paying just $125 for Alchemy, $43 for CamelSpace/CamelPhat or $29 for a soundbank. Whether or not we reach this level will depend on your efforts as well as ours to tell more people about this program.

Ben of Camel Audio mentioned on the KVR forum that “Its been four years since we last ran a group buy, and we don't plan to run another for a similar period of time” so if you are at all interested in Camel Audio products this seems like the time to buy.

The interesting thing is that this group buy applies to many products, not just alchemy.

Image as described above.

They are using a survey to register your commitment to buy and will send out a discount link at the end of the group buy. The group buy also benefits existing customers. Free bonuses based on points include:

Points : Bonus
75 : Free Alchemy Soundbank: Choirs, Basses & Keys - 500MB samples + 30 presets <- Current Level
400 : Free Alchemy Soundbank: Viral Infection from Nuceleus Soundlabs - 1GB samples + 30 presets
800 : Free Alchemy Soundbank: Extra 90 presets

They hit the 75 point mark yesterday.

CLICK HERE to visit the group buy page. Pass it on!

Before you go, check out this awesome YouTube video by Torley where he walks you though some features and presets of Alchemy:


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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What's New in Camel Audio Alchemy v1.10


Article Update 7-21-2009: Just got this from Camel Audio. “IMPORTANT: An update to the original v1.10.6 release has been issued to correct a problem with some presets being too loud. If you have previously installed v1.10.6 of Alchemy, or the release candidate, you are strongly advised to update to v1.10.10 to avoid any issues. Registered users can download the latest update for free by logging in on the support page, and going to the Product Downloads section.”

200 New Sounds 
In addition to new features and bug-fixes, they’ve released over 200 free sounds. They describe these sounds as “purer and less experimental sounds, the Electronic bank now has an additional 35 dance sounds and the Atmospheric bank has 30 extra smooth pads and soundscapes.”

Context Sensitive Help 
Simply right-click on an interface element to bring up a corresponding help page in a browser.


Sample Import Improvements
1.10 adds ability to “analyze files up to 5 mins in length, an easier to use file import dialog including scroll wheel support”.

Miscellaneous New Features

  • New additive pitch setting
  • Easier to use import file dialog including scroll wheel support
  • File browser recognises alias's (OSX) and shortcuts (Win)
  • Reduced GUI opening time
  • Improved auto assign and remix pad variations
  • Choose whether Alchemy should start in simple or advanced mode
  • Option to invert performance knobs on right click menu
  • Effects rack scrollbar shrinks/expands depending on number of effects loaded
  • Mod depth snaps to semitone values when applied to tune
  • Additive editor shows active partials
  • Snap additive partials to semitone/dB
  • Copy/paste commands in additive file menu update depending on view
  • New snapshot volume control
  • Extra 6dB of volume
  • User details displayed in about box and at startup
  • Sampler now supports forward/back loop mode
  • Right click option to assign single knob


Mark Mosher

Camel Audio Alchemy Tips: Link to Manual, Keyswitching, and Manager Presets for Controls


The more I use Camel Audio’s Alchemy, the more I like it. I’m using it right now to create some original content for some of my music, and for some upcoming libraries for Modulate This!

As I use it, I’ll be sure to pass along tips. Here a few.

The manual is quite good. In case you somehow missed it, it’s available in two forms:


You can use keys on a MIDI controller to switch between performance snapshots (Keyswitching). Click the Octave pop-up menu next to the Remix Pad select the bottom MIDI note you want to user for control. Eight notes starting from the one you selected (including white and black keys) now map to the Remix Pad and will no longer trigger notes.

File Pop-Up’s


Alchemy has  “FILE” buttons in various locations on the interface. These button open a context-sensitive menu and can be used manage presets for a particular control. Menus typically include load, save, copy, paste, clear, and randomize. In the above image, I clicked the file button in the MSEG section to load Pulse 16 Multi-Segment Envelope Generator. You can also build your own presets. The same idea applies for managing presets for LFOs, Envelopes, Effects and more. This is simply a fantastic feature you use over and over.

See other Modulate This! articles on Alchemy.

Mark Mosher