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Come hang out over on the musician side of the house

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In 2016 I'm looking forward to streamlining and simplifying my time spent on blogging and social media so I can spend even more time on composing and improvising new music. This being the case a majority of my blogging activities will be over on my artist site.  I also look forward to picking up the pace on my soundscape podcast Sonic Encounters.

Therefore I'm inviting you to subscribe to my artist blog here.

If you subscribe you'll get occasional email notifications on:

  • Events I'm involved in within the exploding experimental scene in Denver and Boulder and reports from the road if I do any touring
  • Notifications on Sonic Encounter podcast episode releases including detailed notes on production
  • Some blog posts that focus more on the artistic process in experimental music as opposed to the more technical side

Happy New Year,

Mark Mosher

Modulate This! Synth Blog Turns 10


Modulate This! turns 10 today! 

Some highlights for the last year include..

A few select highlights over the last 9 years...

 I looked back through some of my previous posts celebrating past birthdays and found something I wrote at year five... 

Through Modulate This! I’ve been able to create and share ideas.  Modulate This! has also let me meet and connect with other artists and those passionate about electronic music technology who I would have never met otherwise. And now my art is better for it and my life is richer.

This couldn't be more true today. So here is to another year of articles and meeting even more synth friends!

I'll close by saying thanks to you for reading, your positive comments,  subscribing, and your donations

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Musician, Composer, Performer
Boulder, CO

Modulate This! Synth Blog Turns 9


Wow – the last year has ben my busiest music year ever! I released more music and played more shows than ever before over (photos) with my solo work (, I formed a new duo and released an EP., I continued to host the Boulder Synthesizer Meetup which just passed the two year mark with over 190 members. I produced a few shows in Boulder, one of which one a “Best Of” award by Westword Magazine.

As a result posts on Modulate This! came in bursts – but posts did come  ^)

Looking Back

Here are some highlights and representative posts from the last year.

I some really cool interviews this year, like Interview with Gary Numan,


and, Interview with Composer Reinhold Heil on His Work on The Helix TV Series on SyFy


I continued to share research in mindmap form like my Post on What’s New in  Live 9 (mindmap viewed over 13,000 times).


I’ve gone deep with instruments like Absynth and shared some tips on sound design -  NI Absynth Tip: How to Set Channel Volume, Overall Preset Volume and Enable Automatic Channel Level Adjustment.image

Last year I fell in love with the Octatrack and did posts some posts passing along tips on it and electronic music rigs in general, like How to Run Your Elektron Octatrack (and Other Elektron Gear or Gear that Runs on DC) on Battery Power with the Tekkeon myPower ALL Plus MP3450i


I’ve come to know some really cool people in my synth journey, so there were posts like this one trying to spread the word about their projects - Art + Music + Technology By Darwin Grosse - A Must Listen Podcast for Electronic Musicians


I also had the good fortune to fly out and perform and do installations at festivals so I did a few show reports.

Video and Photos from My 9 Box AudioCube Mountain Oasis 2013 Adventure with the Bob Moog Foundation.

Electro-Music event coverage.

Looking Forward

Here are some links you might find helpful going into year 9.


Thanks for reading, watching, and listening. Here is to another year!

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO <<< Support the effort with a music buy :^)

Modulate This! Synth Blog Turns 8


Modulate This! just turned 8 years old – woot!

Looking Back

In looking back at last year’s posts here are some categories which were areas of focus and also were were popular with readers.

My companion YouTube channel was still popular and is closing in on 870,000 views. Even though I’ve moved away from doing tutorial videos for the most part, my older tutorial videos continue to be of interest. Most of the new content this year was made up of videos of sound design experiments and concert footage from my shows. Here some some highlights.

Looking Forward

Here are some links you might find helpful going into year 8.

Thanks for reading, watching, and listening. Here is to another year!

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO

As Modulate This! Turns 7 Years and 7 Months I'm Taking a Sabbatical


After 7 years and 7 Months of posting on Modulate This! I’m going to take a sabbatical from technology blogging.

The timing is right. Over the last year I’ve spent time going even deeper with Ableton, Maschine,  Absynth, Zebra, ACE, ElextraX, Predator, Fab Filter Plugs, Blofeld and  Resolume. I’m also jumping into the Electron world with Analog Four. I’ve really transcended a lot of the “tech” (and have built up a nice palette of patches from INIT)  allowing me to  focus on music creation. Also, my 2013 show is in great shape.

So I’m really looking forward to a very creative late spring and summer working on new material, performing shows, and finding new ways to express ideas with keys, AudioCubes, pads, grids, antennas and interactive visuals.

Also, summer is just around the corner I plan to spend more time in the wonderful mountains around Boulder (I took this shot today during lunch while on a mountain bike ride on a bluff overlooking Boulder).

If you want to keep up with my artistic work stop by:

Have a great summer – and take some time to get out of the studio and enjoy the burning fireball in the sky :^) All old posts remain active so have fun reading posts created to date.

See you soon,

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Performer
Boulder, CO

Modulate This! Turns 6


Modulate This! just turned 6!. Thanks to all you readers out there for your continued support. I also want to thank fellow artists and electronic music bloggers who have supported this blog through reblogs and RTs, and who have educated and inspired me through their wonderful work. Finally, I want to thank my wife for her endless support of my blogging shenanigans – especially on those days when an idea for a post turns into a 5 hour exercise.

It’s Been a Great Year With Many Highlights

  • I was able to travel to play some shows which allowed me to meet some readers face-to-face and as a result I got to highlight their work through interviews.
  • I released the free “Sounds from a Distant Outpost” Themed Live Pack which was downloaded over 2,000 times to date and has yielded some cool compositions by other readers.
  • I went deep for you Blofeld and UltraNova owners with some super geeky posts.
  • I launched a companion Mindmap Mindmeister channel for you visual thinkers with some popular maps like the Blofeld 411. The channel has had over 24K views.
  • Videos continue to be popular and my combined artist/Modulate This! YouTube channel is about to cross 570,000 views.
  • I released the open knowledge “9 Box Method for performance, improvisation, and spontaneous tribal jams with music, sound, and light” based on AudioCubes and Ableton Live. This has turned into a music/science student outreach program with an install in a Denver K-6, as well as a jumpstart for some of you Ableton AudioCubes users.
  • I launched Patchlab as a Modulate This! Microsite. My original idea with this was to do a stream of consciousness patch library for you with individual patches. Unfortunately my schedule became too busy; and while I’ve left the patch stream up, I’ve repurposed this to be the root site for my larger free sound libraries. I consider it a success nonetheless as I got feedback that the patches in the patch stream and sound vignettes on soundcloud inspired some to go deeper with their instruments.

To Celebrate the 6th Anniversary I’ve Done a Site Refresh


  • Improved Search: Promoted the search box into the top nav bar. After 5 years of posting my categories were getting a bit out of control so now you can just search for items.
  • New Layout: Clean and less cluttered. Went from 3 columns down to 2 with a wider content column to make room for HD videos and bigger photos.
  • Social Footer: I simplified the social footer making it obvious how to share posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  • Right Column:
    • Hot Categories: Rather than list every category I’ve crated a list of “hot” categories. These are topics that I’ve written a lot about or are getting a lot of traffic.
    • Social Badges: I’m quite active in social media which I find perfect for micro blogging. Rather than try and incorporate that content back into this blog I’ve offered social badges so we can friend up quickly. I’ve also linked to my artist sites and music.
    • Banners for Friends:  I’ve placed banners for other organizations I support – like the Bob Moog Foundation and Electro-Music Radio. I’ll be adding more banners in the months to come.
    • Recommended Sites: I’ve kept this in the right side to highlight great blogs, friends of Modulate This!, and super heroes in the world of experimental and electronic music and sound.

What’s Next?

You’ve probably noticed in the last year that I’ve started doing more classic blog-like “diary” posts focusing on the technical side of my personal journey through the world of electronic and experimental music and sound. In some ways, Modulate This! has become the technical companion to some of the activity on my artist blog.  I’m going to continue down this path as the feedback I’m getting is that this more personal viewpoint is helpful to fellow artists. I will continue to find ways to use Modulate This! as a platform to support artists and developers who are shaping the future - including indie artists and small companies. I’ll also continue with more behind-the-scenes posts on synthesis and sound design as a way to give back and inspire other artists.

Onward to Modulate This! 6

Here is to another year. Thanks for being part of Modulate This!

Mark Mosher
Electronic/Experimental Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer

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