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I found this series of vides via pedx1ng’s post on the Ableton Live forum, who found it on Matrixsynth. These videos by Sonic State cover Howard Jone's tour in Australia. I've re-blogged them here with annotation. I've always liked Howard Jones's music and the fact that he's not all about... Read more →

Kraftwerk Heading to Australia and Singapore

Hey all you electronica fans in Australia and Singapore. Kraftwerk, the godfathers of electronic music are heading your way. I've saw this show in Denver a few months back and it was fantastic. Checkout the Kraftwerk MySpace page (very cool design by the way) for more info and video from... Read more →

"Making Music with Ableton Live" with Laura Escudé @ PCAudioLabs Workshop Series in Van Nuys, CA on Setpember 28th

If you live or will be in California near Van Nuys and want to learn more Ableton Live here is your chance. Ableton User Group-LA Director and Ableton Certified Trainer Laura Escudé is giving a workshop on September 28th called "Making Music with Ableton Live". Course Description: In this one-day... Read more →

Modulate This! Interview with Ramin Sakurai of the Supreme Beings of Leisure

Mark Mosher from the Modulate This! blog recently had an opportunity to ask Ramin Sakurai of the Supreme Beings of Leisure a series of questions about the making of the new album 11i, and on the affect of technology on his process for making music. Read more →

Kanye West plays 'Stronger' at the Grammys with Surprise Appearance by Daft Punk Playing JazzMutant Lemurs

Kanye West plays 'Stronger' at the Grammys with Surprise Appearance by Daft Punk. What were those cool touch-screen controllers? Check out this article... Read more →

Preview of New Supreme Beings of Leisure Album 11i

For you Electro-lounge lover's out there (I include myself in that group), the new Supreme Beings of Leisure album 11i hits stores on February 12th, 2008. You can preview five tracks from the album on Supreme Beings of Leisure MySpace page. You can preview all the tracks and pre-order on... Read more →

US MySpace Music Tour Underway with Hello Goodbye, Say Anything, Young Live , and Polysics

Saw that this tour was under way. Those of us in Colorado can catch it at the Parmount on Oct. 20th. More info here - The Poloysics - all the way from Japan - are in the lineup. Below are some videos of the Polysics. Check out their MySpace... Read more →

Supreme Beings of Leisure - New Album on the Way - Video of "Strange Love Addiction"

I've always liked the Supreme Beings of Leisure. Geri Soriano-Lightwood's voice is fantastic and , Ramin Sakurai creates some fantastic grooves. I especially like his tasteful use of beat slicing. It's been a while since their last album. On their MySpace Page, they posted this: "We are pleased to announce... Read more →

Join Me In Voting for Blake Lewis - Lets Put An Ableton Beatboxer on the Map

Article Update: Obviously the show is over and Blake got 2nd. If you found this article, you might be interested in knowing the Blake uses a program called Ableton Live. This program is extremely popular for composing, producing, as a recording studio, mixing, mashups, djing, and performing live. One of... Read more →

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - Live : Beside You In Time DVD & Podcast + Teaser site for new ablum Year Zero + GarageBand Download for "Survivalism"

Nine Inch Nail has released a live concert DVD with footage from their 2006 tour. They set up a micro-site just for the DVD here which contains track listings, trailers, wallpaper, etc. They've also produced a video podcast with previews -- click here to subscribe . On April 16,... Read more →

Thomas Dolby Sole Inhabitant Concert DVD, CD, and Podcast

In my last post, I offered links to Thomas Dolby's recent appearance on NPR. In this follow-up post, I want to mention that he has produced an audio CD, DVD and podcast with live material from his 2006 'Sole Inhabitant Tour'. I recently eceived the DVD as a gift and... Read more →

Thomas Dolby on NPR Weekend Edition

Thomas Dolby recently paid a visit to NPR's Studio 4a. The interview was broadcast today on New Years Eve. NPR has posted links to the interview as well as links to performances of 'She Blinded Me With Science', 'Hyperactive', 'Airwaves', 'Your Karma Hit My Dogma'. Click here to visit the... Read more →