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Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh on The Today Show - 2006

Is there life after begin an 80's musician? For Mark Mothersbaugh and other members of DEVO, the answer is yes. They've gone on to create Mutato Musika, and extremely successful commercial music studio who produces music for games, film and television. Founding member of Devo Mark Mothersbaugh was recently interviewed... Read more →

Devo + Disney = Devo 2.0

Q:What do you get when you mix Devo and Disney? A: Devo 2.0 That's right, Disney and Devo teamed up to create an all kid version of DEVO called 2.0. Don't believe me, go here. According to the press release: "DEVO, one of the ’80s most innovative and iconic bands,... Read more →