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Beaming Into the Pacific Northwest Synth Fest in Seattle October 29th


The Pacific Northwest Synth Fest 2011 is this Saturday October 29th from 10-5 PST. Click the poster to see the mega size version or visit or the event page on Facebook.

I’ll be telepresently performing and doing a talk on AudioCubes on 1:00-1:30PST. I’ll also be generally floating around Max Headroom style on a laptop throughout the event so he can virtually mingle.


In this talk I’ll present an overview of the Percussa AudioCubes hardware, discuss mapping the AudioCubes to control Ableton Live and Virtual Synthesizers in real-time. I’ll also perform with the cubes, deconstruct a Live song, and discuss his free template for “9 Box Method for performance, improvisation, and spontaneous tribal jams with music, sound, and light” based on AudioCubes. Lastly, I will take questions via interactive video chat.

So if your in Seattle, come find the box I’ll be hosted out and say hi :^).


Mark Mosher
Electronic/Experimental Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer

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Notes and Photos from My Talk at May 2011 Ableton Colorado Meetup on Integrating Third Party Instruments with Live

Last night I gave a talk on using third-party virtual instruments within Ableton Live at the Ableton Colorado User Group. I just did a post with notes and photos from this event including my current Synth Picks mindmap on my artist site.

Swing by my artist site to check it out.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
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Colorado Ableton User Group May 2011 Meet-Up


Update: See notes and photos from this event on my artist site.

I’ll be presenting at the upcoming Ableton Colorado User Group. Here are the details from the Meetup Page.

Our night is generally divided up into 3 segments. Beginner, Advanced, and End-Game. Each has a focus on Ableton and methods of the programming. At the same time there is much to take away if you are not a die-hard Ableton user or practitioner of another electronic music platform.
BEGINNER : How to defy death using Session and Arrangement View
Alternate Title : Lessons learned in Session and Arrangement View
Marc (DJNSM) will lead the discussion on these 2 views. Experts and beginners are very welcome to contribute in asking and answering questions!

  • Basics of the 2 views
  • Similarities and differences
  • Advantages in the studio and performing
  • A method to production for studio to stage and back again

ADVANCED : Making your VSTs environmentally friendly in Ableton
Alternate Title :Taming and Controlling VST with Ableton to extend your sound palette and make these settings manageable and increase patch recycling
Mark Mosher ( shows how to painlessly extend Live’s range and palette with third party instruments.

  • Step-by-step methods for wrapping instruments
  • Performance and deconstruction of a song using instruments to illustrate quick, unique, and creative results
  • Coordination of these elements with Live’s standard modulation, automation, and re-sampling features.

END-GAME : Large scale deployment and integration of mind control devices
Alternate Title : Did I say ‘Mind control device’? I meant Ableton and fail safe control. Original presenter Chase Dobson will be out of town as his back-line Ableton work on Mike Posner’s tour got extended to Europe and Asia (how cool is that?).

So we have David Henderson stepping in on Monome+Live+Launchpad. With Mike S. returning from the Gridfest there is a lot of noise about the Monome type applications and David is going to help ct through all the nonsense and get people dialed in on the Monome experience.

We will have Chase sharing his leanings, but not until he is in Colorado for break.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer

April Electronic Music Events in Denver/Boulder

The Electronic Music scene continues to heat up around Denver/Boulder. Lots going on in April.

April 1, 2011 Denver locals Inactivists War on Jazz Hands CD Release party.

9PM The Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut St, Denver, CO

FYI – if you go you’ll get to enjoy the Theremin musical styling's of band member Victoria Lundy.





NoiseFold Happening

Friday, April 1 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm, 2011

Denver Art Museum

Ponti Hall, North Building 100W 14th Ave Parkway Denver, CO


Red+Hot+Cool Downtempo/Chill/Trip

Location: Meadowlark

Time: ‎9:00PM Thursday, April 7th, 2011

This show features Marc Wei (AKA Ableton Colorado ringleader and DJNSM)

No dubstep allowed – lol.




Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts April 13-17, 2011, Boulder, CO

Check their web site for details

Here is their Facebook page



Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist & Synthesist, Boulder, CO

Livid Announces Limited Texas Edition Controllers for SXSW


I just saw this on Livid’s blog:

I thought it would be fitting to do a limited Texas edition controller set. The wood choice for maximum Texas flavor? Mesquite of course. Although Ryan Anderson (the head of our circuit board department), insisted that the state tree of Texas is a Pecan, nothing says Texas like Mesquite…

These controllers will be with us at all of our SXSW events to check out if you are in Austin, TX. 

We will be making a limited run of this for a great deal only available this month. We will have one of them up at the Austin retailer, Switched On as long as we offer this model.

Nice touch for SXSW! Read the full post here.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

Gridfest Monome Community Event May 6-8 2011 in Sante Fe NM

In the spirit of collaboration, as it is exemplified by artistic endeavor, the monome community is once again organizing a large scale event showcasing the broad spectrum of talent of monome users. Artists from around North America will be attending and performing in a series of concerts and workshops to be held at Corazon and Santa Fe Complex. Funding for the festival is also community based: a Kickstarter Project has been created, seeking assistance in offsetting the cost of airfare, accommodations, venue rentals and promotions.

This looks like a pretty cool festival and I like their use of Kickstarter to help fund this community event. There are all many levels of donation possible. The $250 level is interesting for those who might want to build a Monome clone.

All rewards at $25 level + a four hour workshop where you will learn how to create an arduinome (monome clone). All parts will be supplied, including custom enclosures for the devices and participants will leave with a fully functional grid controller.

By the way, did you know that your Novation Launchpad can emulate a Monome free software? I’ll do a follow up post on this shortly.

More info here -

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

Mark Mosher Concert Sunnyvale March 17 + DEVO March 18 in SF - Stop By and Say Hi

I’m flying out to the Bay Area in March for an awesome whirlwind  extended weekend filled with electronic music. I’ll be playing a show, plus going to see DEVO, plus talking AudioCubes with Bert from Percussa who’s visiting from Belgium. Details below if you want to swing by and say hi at my show or at the DEVO show.

Robert Edgar & Mark Mosher Live @ The Art Institute of California/Sunnyvale


I will be performing a set in my one-man-show format. Songs will include original instrumental electronic music from recent albums performed on keyboard, matrix controllers, Theremin, and visual instruments Tenori-on and Percussa AudioCubes.

Robert Edgar is performing a set using his Simultaneous Opposites Engine for real-time video traversals using MIDI Guitar.

Robert and I are having a conversation on Facebook about the possibility of merging our digital streams for a song as well.

It should be an interesting evening indeed!

The Art Institute of California/Sunnyvale - ROOM 602
1120 Kifer Rd
Sunnyvale, CA
Get directions in Google Maps

No Admission Fee

Event Page (Pass it on):

Devo with The Octopus Project



If you want to meet up and say hi before or after the show, follow me on twittter @, and the night of the show I’ll start tweeting out my coordinates.

Duty now spuds,

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO