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Image Line software has released FL studio 7 - get 10% off


Image Line software has released FL studio 7. The update is free for existing customers (for those not familiar with Image Line’s lifetime free updates, visit this link). New users can get 10% off of FL Studio by using this link

New features include: 

  • Pattern Clips - a new method for creating audio, MIDI, and automation clips in the playlist. 
  • The Edison Audio Editor – an extremely powerful and fully integrated audio editor and recording tool replacing the wave editor. Edison loads into an effect slot (in any mixer track) and will then record or play audio from that position.


  • Love Philter - Love Philter consists of eight identical filter units, each able to be feed to the next one in the chain. It can create complex delay, gating and filtering effects.


  • Parametric EQ2 - an advanced 7-band parametric equalizer plugin with spectral analysis.


  • Smart disable mode added for Generators/Instrument plugins (it was previously only for Effects plugins). 
  • Multithreading - Some generators can now be threaded for CPU gain on dual cores. 
  • Mono source recording. 
  • Support for Apple AIFF loops 
  • Bug fixes updates to existing plug-ins 

For more details and a demo version visit Note all FL Studio demo versions are fully featured allowing you to create new songs and export them to WAV or MP3. However, save project is disabled. 

In upcoming posts I will discuss some of the new features and plug-ins in more detail.

How to Import Sounds Into FPC and Build Your Own Presets

FPC (FL Pad Controller) is multi-layer drum machine that has been part of FL Studio since version 5. In this article I'll show you the basics of how to import sounds into FPC pads then save the kit as a preset. I won't go into the complexities of programming kits in this article - perhaps in a future article - but this should be enough to get you going. Click image thumbnails to see a larger views of screen shots.


The easiest way to import sounds into an FPC pad is to simply drag samples from the browser on to an FPC Pad. That's all there is to it. Now when you trigger the pad, you'll hear the new sample.

Fpc_drop2To build more interesting and realistic sounds, you can also assign up to 4 samples to a pad using layers. With layers you can layer samples so multiple samples trigger when you hit the pad, or you can create velocity cross-fades so that different samples play with different velocities. To do this, Click the "Layer Properties" tab on the FPC, then drag samples to the desired layer.


Repeat this process with all the pads. When you are all done, use the menu on the FPC, select "Save preset as..." and specify a name for your preset. When you want to load your kit, it now appears in the preset list from the menu system or the browser.

New Patches included with Sytrus 2.3 Upgrade

Sytrus_23_1 Just a follow up to my last post. I took the time to document the new patches that came with Sytrus 2.3. See my list below. Very cool additions for sure.

Again, preview Sytrus here, click here to buy and  get 10%.


Action 2
Action 3
Hypersaw 2
Hypersaw 3
Phased 2


Dream Bell

Crash Cymbl
Hi hat


Acoustic steel
Electric 5


Scythe 2


Short synth:
Basci subtracting 7
Bite size
Celestial 2
Guitar Harmonics
Hyper Resonant 3
Hypersaw pluck
Mooginsh 3
Moogish 4

Synth string:
Asian string
Detuned saw
Hypersaw 2
Phased string
Total brokeness 2

Image Line's Software Synth Sytrus 2.3 Has Released - Get 10% Off!


One of my favorite software synths Sytrus has been updated. The update is free for registered users. For everyone else, click here to get 10% off Sytrus or any other image line product.

For those of you not familiar with Sytrus, image line describes it as "a powerful and versatile synthesizer featuring six customizable operators for FM (Frequency Modulation) and RM (Ring Modulation) synthesis, plucked string synthesis, 3 filter modules, an effects module with chorus, three delay lines and unique programmable unison mode."  The synth can be used inside of FL Studio, or as a VST/DXi inside of your host.

Words don't do it justice, so check out the very cool Flash-based microsite to hear it first hand. Note you can also get a free demo version of this synth when you download FL Studio. Note, this is a full fledged VST

Here is what's new in 2.3:

- New Cherry phaser filter.
-  New edit options in the harmonics editor.
- LFOs have a "bipolar LFO tension" option now.
- The shape loader now loads AIFF samples.
-  New envelope point modes: "stairs" and "smoothed stairs".

It also looks like they've added some new patches as well.

A faster way to select patterns in FL Studio

Fl_pattern_selectOne way to select patterns in Fl Studio is of course to use the Pattern Selector. An even faster way to select patterns is to use the "Playlist". The Playlist has a list of all the patterns in your project. To jump to a pattern, simply click the pattern name in the Playlist. Click the image on to see a larger version of the picture illustrating this.

FL Studio 6.1 Beta Has Released

Flstudiobeta610shotFL Studio 6.1 has released and is available for registered users.

As always, Image Line has packed this update with tons of new features. Two the require special mention are a new audio editor called Edison and a new effect called Love Philter (click the image on the left to see a larger view).

Edison is an integrated audio editing tool that replaces the old Wave Editor. In addition to being an audio editor,  "Edison loads into an effect slot (in any mixer track) and will then record or play audio from that position."

"Fruity Love Philter is the most powerful filter plugin in FL Studio. However, Fruity Love Philter can, due to its architecture perform much more than filtering effects. As the plugin consists of 8 identical filter units, each able to be feed to the next in the chain, it can be used to create complex delay, gating and filtering effects." It reminds me an advanced software version of a Korg KAOSS Pad KP2.

Here is a list of what's new:

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