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NAMM Show 2008 YouTube Channel + KORG Kaosillator


The 2008 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim just wrapped up. I was happy to find that NAMM created a YouTube channel for those of us who didn't get the opportunity to attend.

Here is a video highlighting some KORG products. They've released a cool little product called the Kaosillator.

Use this link if you can't see the video:

Here is the blurb from the official product page:

"The KAOSSILATOR is a new pocket sized instrument that packs Korg's world renowned synth sound along with innovative performance features into an ultra-compact unit. Anyone can instantly play musical phrases by simply tapping or sliding their finger across the KAOSSILATOR’s touch pad – no previous skills required! The KAOSSILATOR is a portable, travel friendly device that runs on batteries, so you can have fun creating music anywhere your life takes you, with seemingly endless possibilities. Whether you’re an established “tweaker”, an aspiring electronic artist or somewhere in between, KAOSSILATOR is one musical sketch pad that you should not be without!"

Mark Mosher
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Propellerhead Reason 4 Has Shipped

Reason4_001It's been quite a month for announcements. First Logic 8, then Sonar 7, then Halo 3 (off topic but great none the less), and now Reason 4!

You can buy the full version or upgrade today worldwide from your favorite retailer (here is a list), or from the PropShop on Propellerhead's site.

Try it yourself by grabbing a demo version from here:

They are also offering Propellerhead Upgrade Value Packs through their PropShop

  • Small: Reason Drum Kits 2 and Abbey Road Keyboards
  • Medium: Reason Drum Kits 2, Abbey Road Keyboards and ReCycle 2.1
  • Large: Reason Drum Kits 2, Abbey Road Keyboards, ReCycle 2.1 and Reason Pianos

According to blurb on their news site, here is what's new.

"Believe it or not, this is largest update ever to Reason. Version 4 comes jam-packed with features for quickly creating better sounding music. The new version boasts Thor, a highly sophisticated, superior sounding synthesizer; the ReGroove mixer, a new way to adjust the rhythmic feel of tracks; RPG-8, a versatile arpeggiator; a completely rebuilt sequencer coupled with many other workflow enhancements that give you the control and power to make great sounding music faster and easier than ever."

Visit and click the Reason link for more info and to see videos of Reason in action.

Halo 3 Launches + Video of Composer Marty O'Donnell Talking About Halo 3 Score


I was just flipping through the channels and saw G4's Halo 3 Countdown Launch which offered live coverage of the product launch in New York city. Master chief just handed the first copy to someone who'd been standing in line for a very long time - so it looks like Halo 3 has officially launched.

The composer of the music for Halo 3 is Marty O'Donnell. I found some  interesting videos containing interviews where he discusses his work on the project. I've embed them below. You can also see them at Click the "MENU" on the player to see related videos.

I'll pick up my copy of the game in the morning, so if any readers want to get together, email me and we can swap gametags.

Cakewalk Ships Sonar 7 - Links to use While Their Website is in Flux


Article update: Looks like Cakewalk now has their site in order. Of course the product info and links in this post still apply.

Cakewalk has released Sonar 7 although their web site seems to be in flux regarding this version and they didn't even get a press release out before posting the kit (perhaps they are trying to get it out there quickly with the announcement of Logic 8). Therefore, I dug up some links for you Sonar users out there so you can figure out what's new, as well as purchase. Note, they usual upgrade deals exist.

The front of their website still shows 6 as current, but if you click through to the product page Sonar 7.

According to the product page, here is what's new.

  • A complete MIDI overhaul with Smart MIDI Tools and dozens of other new features
  • Introduction of the most powerful Step Sequencer found in any DAW
  • True linear phase mastering plug-ins
  • Internal sidechaining
  • Delay compensation for external hardware
  • Pitch to MIDI functionality with Roland V-Vocal 1.5
  • Numerous workflow, mixing, and delivery enhancements throughout the application.

Here is a link to a flash promo -

The product page doesn't have an order link, but you can order by clicking purchase, or using this link -

Detail specs are not yet on the product page, but I found a list in the cakewalk forums here -

Apple Releases Logic Pro 8


Apple has released Logic Pro 8. New features include:

  • Single window design
  • Simplified setup
  • Improved workflow to simplify multi-track recording
  • Quick swipe comping which allows you to swipe over the best portions of each take to create a seamless comp
  • New audio editing tools such as snap-to-transient selection, graphical time stretching, and sample-accurate editing in the Arrange window.
  • Surround mixing and processing
  • Ability to save program prefs on .Mac making them portable
  • No more USB dongle


  • New - $499
  • Upgrade from Logic Pro/Platinum 5 or 6 - $199
  • Upgrade from logic express - $299

For more details including video demos visit -

Propellerhead Software Announces Worldwide Producer Conferences


The makers of Propellerhead Reason have announced a series of Producers Conferences taking place worldwide. These conferences offer a broad set of creative clinics and interactive classes for computer musicians conducted by "top artists and producers".

The schedule below was posted on and contains the lineup for the Los Angeles conference. Use this link as the other conferences get closer to check on lineups in your area.

April 21 - Los Angeles, USA

Confirmed lecturers and artists:

  • Chris Petti - Rewire w/ Reason
  • James Bernard - Cool tips and tricks (TBD)
  • DJ Babu - Hip Hop Beat Making
  • Peff - Modular Patching Tutorial
  • Richard Devine [Sound Design / Business]
  • Producer Review QA with Mocean Worker/Arabian Prince

May 2 - Copenhagen, Denmark Details TBA

May 7 - Guilford, UK Details TBA

May 8 - Manchester, UK Details TBA

May 10 - Ireland Site & details TBA

June 6 - Hamburg, Germany Details TBA

Make Your Own Episode with the Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit


Okay this is a little off-topic but but I know that many of you who work with digital music also to digital video.

The producers of Battlestar Galactica have released a free videomaker toolkit at   The toolkit contains video and audio assets from the show. The premise is that you could record your own live-action or animated film,  then use these assets as video and audio effects to sweeten your film. 

Executive producer David Eick will choose one video that will air on sci-fi during an upcoming episode of Battlestar Galactica. Some artists have already uploaded videos at this site - pretty entertaining.

If any of you out there do enter,  make sure you leave a comment to this post so we can check after work.