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Propellerhead Preview - Thor semi-modular synthesizer


At Winter NAMM 2007, Propellerhead software showed a technology preview of a new synthesizer for Reason called Thor. This synthesizer will be available in an upcoming version of Reason. According to Propellerhead, "Thor is a semi-modular synthesizer built around exchangeable components such as oscillators and filters, and a very comprehensive modulation matrix."

Click here to learn more about this technology preview as well as hear some demo sounds.

M-Audio New Products at Winter NAMM 2007

Maudio_namm_1 M-Audio has created a single web page with information on all the products they announced at Winter NAMM 2007. On this page they announced:
- Torq Xponent (DJ Control Surface)
- Studiophile™ AV 40 and AV 20 powered speakers - Virtual String Machine from GForce
- KikAxxe ARP Axxe synthesizer VST
- KeyRig 49 USB Keyboard
- Mobile Laptop Studio Bag
- MicroPack

Image-Line, the makers of FL Studio and Various Plug-ins are Having a Huge 50% off Sale on Many Items - 24 Hours Only!


Image-Line, the makers of FL Studio and Various Plug-ins are Having a Huge 50% off Sale on Many Items - 24 Hours Only! Some items are slashed even more. If you are in the market for DirectWave, Sytrus, Toxic III, or Juice Pack this is probably the best deal your going to get.

Looks like this 10% discount link will still work even with the sale items.

Juice Pack by the way is a collection of some of the most popular effects from FL Studio in VSTi (PC only) format. Below is a list of what's in Juice pack. Note that Fruity Vocoder is in this list and considering that Orange Vocoder is $245 US, this is an unbelievable value if you want to run these effects in a host other than FL. Equo and Edison are simply fantastic as well. You can grab a free demo from here.

  • IL Delay - Creates echoes with echo filtering options
  • IL Delay Bank - Creates impossibly complex echoes and filtering
  • IL WaveShaper – Define your own distortion curves.
  • IL EQUO - Graphic Morphing EQ with spectral learning capability.
  • IL Parametric EQ - Control bandwidth and target frequency of EQ bands.
  • IL Flangus - Phase cancellation effect.
  • IL Vocoder - Sound like a robot or make a synth sound talk.
  • IL Edison - Audio recorder / editor.
  • IL Spectroman - See what your noise looks like with a sonograph or spectrograph display.
  • IL Stereo Enhancer - Simulate or enhance stereo effects.

Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument library will be available for Propellerhead Reason


has announced that a special light version of the Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument library will be available for the Propellerhead Reason.

According to Garritan  "The library is a Reason Refill sample based instrument library for all versions of Propellerhead's Reason, and includes over 180 instrument patches for the Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument library."

More details here...

Cakewalk Project 5 2.5 Developers Blog

P5 Development of Project 5 Version 2.5 is under way.

Cakewalk has just launched a developers blog.

In this blog "For the first time, Cakewalk is going to give you a hands-on look at the new Project5 as we countdown to the release."

Use the comments links at the bottom of this post to offer thoughts on what do you think Cakewalk should be focusing on in the next release.

Ableton Live 6 and Sampler now Available!!!


Ableton Live 6 and Ableton Sampler have released. Below are links related to each:

Ableton Live 6:

Ableton Sampler:

Ableton is also offering discounts on instruments if you bundle with Ableton Live 6.

All these items are available on Ableton's newly revamped online store.

Checkout all my articles on Live 6 and Sampler.

MTV is a acquiring the makers of Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero (PlayStation2)

I know some musicians out there are addicted to the Playstation 2 game Guitar Hero. Here is some news for you (I saw this on digg.)

"MTV, the cable TV channel some critics have accused of straying too far from its musical roots, is to acquire Harmonix Music Systems, a maker of music-oriented video games, for $175 million in cash."

read the full story here