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Music Monday: "... At The End Of It All" by (Chase Dobson)


This week, my Music Monday pick is the new album … At The End Of It All by friend and fellow Denver-based artist Chase Dobson (aka

chasedobsonI got to know Chase through the Ableton Colorado User Group and have enjoyed watching his career take off on the Ableton front. In 2011, he was the Playback System Technician for Mike Posner’s tour and is the Ableton Programmer for Dia Frampton‘s (2nd place finisher on the TV Show “The Voice”) upcoming tour in support for Blake Shelton.

… At The End Of It All is Chase’s second full-length original album and is loaded with beat-driven instrumental electronic songs. Behind the big glitchy up front drums are great sounds, sub-woofer stressing basses, and textures that will transport you to a dystopian setting. The production quality is fantastic.

My personal favorite track “As If December Never Happened”  which starts off with an ambient piano intro. The song really takes off when glitched-out beats kick in. Act 3 of this song transitions to a pulsing ethereal movement. In this section - at 3:13 - there is a looped element with radical loop length changes taking it from glitch to tonal. Awesome!

The attention to detail within the slices, the way Chase works the space around the slices, and the careful balancing of each piece with dark tonal pads are what makes this album stand out for me.  Listen, to the track “Airport [Never_Land]” with headphones on and and you’ll hear what I mean as the sliced elements morph in tonal character throughout the piece.

I’ll leave it to you to discover more sonic surprises and subtle melodic motifs for yourself.  You can listen to a preview and buy the album up on Bandcamp. Pass it on…



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Music Monday: Mark Mosher's Set from Halloween 2011 Online Streaming Concert


For this Music Monday I’m featuring my live set from yesterday’s Halloween 2011 Online Streaming Concert over at The 29 minute recording (CC-BY-NC)  is a high-fidelity stereo capture from the stream in it’s entirety so get those studio headphones out or play on kick ass system!

You can listen on the embedded player below, on SoundCloud or download the mp3. Pass it on :^)

MarkMosher: Live Halloween 2011 Concert by MarkMosher 

Note that the intro was re-recorded later that day as I forgot to turn on the stream recorder till I was 45 seconds in – doh. The rest of the audio is from the actual stream with one edit to remove 30 seconds of dead air when I experienced a minor issue.

Set List:

1) "Welcome to the Inferno" Sound Design Cue from Inferno Haunted House (recording)
2) "Mad Carnival" Sound Design Cue from Inferno Haunted House (recording)
3) "Icy Caves" Sound Design Cue from Inferno Haunted House (recording)
4) "They Walk Among Us" from REBOOT (recording)
5) "I Can See Them" from the album I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS (performed live on Percussa AudioCubes)
6) "Before We Wake" from forthcoming album (performed ive on Theremin pitch-to-midi with AudioCube )
7) "Dark Signals" from I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS (performed live AudioCubes, keys, Theremin, Tenori-On)
8) "Celebration and Voices" from I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS (performed live on Launchpad grid)
9) "Infected" from REBOOT (recording)
10) "Intercept Transmission" structured improvisation (performed live on Launchpad grid)


  • Paul Harriman from Electro-Music who encouraged me to get involved with their online community and also pointed me in the right direction for tools in this regard. Paul you don’t know what you started – lol.
  • Jack Hertz for organizing the concert, creating a cool poster, for helping me to test my rig and for taking the time to teach me how to manage connections and hand-offs to electro-music’s ports.
  • Gregg Cannady who was kind enough to loan me a Theremin for the show as I broke mine just before the show (long story)

Notes on Studio Modifications for Live Streaming


On a technical note, this concert, and my audio/video broadcast  from Boulder to the Pacific Northwest Synth Fest  (talk and performance on Percussa AudioCubes) is the culmination of about 4 elapsed weeks of work to reorganize my studio space to accommodate this sort of performance. Part of that is investing the time to become very comfortable adding another layer of elements to manage while I perform live – so lots of rehearsal.

I’ve learned a lot about using a second system to push high-fidelity video through Skype, USTREAM, and a Shoutcast client. This includes ways to monitor my rig and the conversation in the same set of headphones. I’ll do a post on this in the future which should save you time if you want to get into this sort of thing.

For now, checkout this sound check video I did live to USTREAM. Watch the embedded video below or watch the video on USTREAM. I really get the lights going at 3:16 :^)  I plan on doing a lot more live online performances so if you want to get notified sign up for my newsletter. I’m thinking about doing some behind-the-scenes videos for those who “Join the Crowd”

Happy Halloween!

With all that I’ll just wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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Music Monday: Armen Ra "Plays The Theremin"


I was first introduced to Armen Ra’s music through the radio show and podcast Spellbound, a brief program of music for theremin where I heard the song “Dle Yaman”. The song is both beautiful and haunting. I immediately bought his album Plays the Theremin which is simply fantastic.

Most of the songs have sparse accompaniment leaving plenty of breathing room for the Theremin virtuoso’s dynamic emotive playing style to shine through in each piece. The exception to this rule “The Call” which is beat driven. In some cases Armen over dubs with additional Theremin parts. For example in the track “Garouna”, at the 0:53 mark, he plays another line an octave up but dancing around timing of the first line which really adds tension to the piece. The entire album is great so I recommend you give it a listen and support Armen’s indie work with a buy.

You can buy the album on iTunes US, iTunes UK/EU, or Purchase Physical CD.

In other Armen Ra music news, he will also be appearing on an episode of CSI which will air around Halloween, and his tracks will be be on NPR’s Nationally syndicated show Hearts of Space (most stations will run it on October 16 – check local listings


Armen has a YouTube channel so I thought I’d include some videos. Here is a video of the song "Crane” which is track 2 on the album.

Here is another video Theremin CHOPIN NOCTURNE ARMEN RA rehearsal. This song is not on the album but I thought I’d include it as it shows off Armen’s Theremin skills which he’s been developing since 2001.




Mark Mosher
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Music Monday: Tara Busch "The Rocket Wife EP" A Benefit for the Bob Moog Foundation + Remix Contest


Back in late August Tara Busch (  released The Rocket Wife EP. Sales of the album benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. The album is available on bandcamp and I’ve embedded a preview below. It’s a great EP with some cool ethereal tracks featuring Tara’s awesome synth work and vocal stylings. Give it a listen below and please buy to support Tara’s art and donate to a good cause.

Remix Contest Ends October 15th

There is also a remix contest associated with the album. 17 stem tracks from the title track of the EP, Rocket Wife. The stems are here

According to the Bob Moog Foundation Site:

All submissions should be uploaded to the “Rocket Wife” group on SoundCloud via this link:

The Bob Moog Foundation will announce three winners on November 10, 2011. The winners will have their remix posted on the BMF Bandcamp site where it will be available for sale, with proceeds benefiting the Foundation. The grand prize winner will receive a framed limited-edition archival image of Bob Moog, a selection of BMF merchandise, and the opportunity to collaborate virtually with Busch on a track where she will supply vocals and synth soundscapes.

All Proceeds Go To Bob Moog Foundation

Tara was quoted on the foundation’s web site as saying:

“I’m excited and inspired by their quest to educate children and adults alike about ‘the intersection of science & music’ and hopefully this EP will help introduce more people to the Bob Moog Foundation. One hundred percent of the profits from the EP and the remix stems will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation.”

Song Notes

1) Rocket Wife: A bombastic, orchestral- electronic theme written from the perspective of a wife of a doomed astronaut about to embark on what will be his final flight. I’m a big fan of juxtaposing dark, melancholic subject matter with big, flourishing melodies, M-Tron Pro Mellotron strings and rich,1930′s Disney- style backing vocals. I used my Minimoog Voyager extensively for sound effects and also prominently featured the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator. I used the Moogerfooger Analog Delay on one f the lead vocal tracks, and backing vocals were filtered through the Moogerfooger MF 101.

2) Calendura: Simultaneously childlike and threatening, this song tells the story of a woman overcome with jealousy, beside herself at the thought of losing her love to a far more desirable woman named “Calendura”. The basis the song relies on my Casio SK! and Omnichord OM 27 spitting out a drum loops into the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Lo Pass Filter & Analog Delay. These were edited & “sewn together” with a big kick courtesy of Native Instruments’ Battery 3. Also featured is the M-Tron Pro Mellotron and shades of Moog Voyager bass pushed through the Moogerfooger Freq Box at the very end.

3) Motorcrash– I felt this song was appropriate to add as it features my very first adventure using Moog gear in a recording that I created on my own. Dating back to 2006, I used my newly acquired Fender Rhodes to pin down the main melody & popped it through my Moogerfooger 12 stage phaser. Excitement mounted as I discovered how fantastic my Etehrwave Theremin sounded through the MF 103 and into the MF 104…it was with this song, I became curious and hungry to constantly reinvent and “make new sounds”. My bandmate, Mike Walters popped in later to add beautiful swoops on his Minimoog Model D and his widely beloved invention, the Melloman (the Mellotron make with Sony Walkmans).

Mark Mosher
Electronic/Experimental Music Artist, Boulder, CO
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Music Monday: Speakeasy by dRachEmUsiK


I picked up the Speakeasy CD by dRachEmUsiK at the merch table at Electro-Music 2011 and it’s now in my favorites playlist.

dRachEmUsiK is the most recent project by international, award wining electronic musician, sound designer and producer Charles Shriner. I first met Charles last year at EM2010 and really enjoyed seeing his live performances and got to take part in a jam with him in 2010 as well. Here is a photo of one of one of dRachEmUsiK’s live performances at EM 2011.


Charles describes Speakeasy as “Studio versions of improvisations done at parties. Mid-tempo grooves with simple melodies and improvisation floating on top of of glitchy, swirling backdrop.”

You can buy digital album on Bandcamp and get the physical CD on CD Baby. Give it a listen in the embedded player below and of course you should buy it it help support Charle’s art.



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Music Monday: New Studio Album by Gary Numan - "Dead Son Rising"

Gary Numan has a new studio album called Dead Son Rising.

The new album developed out of a set of demos the singer had left from previous projects, but as he explains: ‘The original ideas that sparked off these songs are now barely visible. It’s grown into another animal, something more experimental.”

Produced and co-written by Ade Fenton ( Numan’s collaborator on 2006’s Jagged), the material ranges from the heavily anthemic ‘The Fall’ (written about ‘an old friendship gone bad’) to the Arabic and ghostly ‘We Are The Lost’ and one of the standout moments, the brooding ‘Dead Sun Rising’. The latter both contain elements from a sci-fi fantasy story Numan has been writing over the last few years. Meanwhile, troubled relationships are explored on ‘For The Rest Of My Life’ and Not The Love We Dream Of’, and there’s also room for two instrumentals (‘Resurrection’ and ‘Into Battle’), showcasing some of the ‘soundtrack-type’ material that Numan and Fenton have been working on recently. It all adds up to one of Numan’s most atmospheric albums – one for those who loved his B-side experiments in the past but also containing some very direct, streamlined electronic rock in the likes of ‘Big Noise Transmission’, ‘The Fall’ and ‘When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come’.

Track Listing

1. Resurrection
2. Big Noise Transmission
3. Dead Sun Rising
4. When The Sky Bleeds He Will Come
5. For The Rest Of My Life
6. Not The Love We Dream Of
7. The Fall
8. We Are The Lost
9. For The Rest Of My Life (Reprise)
10. Into Battle
11. Not The Love We Dream Of (Piano Version)

Available Now

Dead Son Rising is available  through Gary Numan’s Official Shop and now is also on iTunes.

Dead Son Rising CD

Dead Son Rising CD
DVD with ‘The Fall’ promo video, interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, gallery and slide show (I’m assuming this is PAL format so you might want to inquire about this before buying)
24 Page hardback booklet

SUPER DELUXE EDITION: £84.99 (This edition is delayed till end of September)
Dead Son Rising CD
DVD with ‘The Fall’ promo video, interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, gallery and slide show.
48 Page ‘Art book’
Each copy is numbered
Signed Gary Numan Print
Gatefold Vinyl of Album
Exclusive 12 inch single containing remixes of The Fall by Motor and South Central

Videos Containing New Album Material

Here is the super creepy and super awesome video promo for “The Fall" to give you taste for what you are in for.


Gary is going on tour to support the album – see I saw the Pleasure Principle tour last year and it’s one of the best shows of last year for me so you should definitely check it out. Here are my pics from Gary Numan’s Denver show in 2010.

Mark Mosher
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New Music Monday: Thereminist May Roosevelt's "Haunted" Album


According to May Roosevelt - “IT IS TIME FOR THE DEAD TO HAVE A WORD WITH THE LIVING” and she delivers through her album Haunted. Her web site describes the album:

"Haunted": The Strange Musical Case of May Roosevelt

May Roosevelt's new album "Haunted" opens doors to phantoms of the past. The work's eight musical compositions are supernatural entities of modern technology that hover in the air, bursting open the chest of rustic tradition only to be transformed into rhythms of Greek dances.

Following "Panda, a story about love and fear", composer and thereminist May Roosevelt uncovers a dark and reclusive universe defined by motion and dance. "Haunted" starts with the zeibekiko dance rhythm in 'The Unicorn Died', which was composed and presented for the first time in London at the Red Bull Music Academy in February 2010. The original idea evolved through an intense speculation about the place held by traditional Greek rhythms in the canon of Greek electronic music. This exploration subsequently led to the creative transformation of eight different Greek dances presented in "Haunted".

The Theremin, a very complex instrument yet absolutely submissive to the hands of May Roosevelt, was used to create a plethora of curious sounds ranging from wind and stringed instruments to an imitation of human voice. The Theremin's unique sound also shifted from a bagpipe (in 'Oomph') to a Pontic Lyre (in 'Mass Extermination'), and from a clarinet (in 'Vow') into a violin (in 'Dark the Night'). Through the use of electronic beats to form each rhythm alongside synthesizers and vocals, May Roosevelt attempts to embed anew Greek musical idioms within contemporary music while retaining all their respectable characteristics.

The title "Haunted" - inspired by the idea of hauntology, introduced by French philosopher Jacques Derrida - defines the concept and underscores the character of the compositions: The phantoms of the past and the spirit of future, mingled, haunt the music of May Roosevelt.

Here is two videos from her Vimeo channel featuring songs from the album to give taste.

If you like instrumental electronic music and you love theremin you are sure to enjoy this excellent album! I’m on my third listen already! Haunted indeed.



Mark Mosher
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