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New Short Film "Headlights" An Original Psychedelic Short Film with Synthesized Score + Vimeo Channels

New Short Film

To start the new year off with a bang I've released a brand new film "Headlights" - An Original Psychedelic Short Film with Synthesized Score.

Headlights - An Original Psychedelic Short Film with Synthesized Score from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.


Making Of

If you would like to geek out and see how I used a single slot and single original preset on the Nord Lead 4 to record the score in a single pass check out the "making of" the soundtrack film watch this.

The Making of Headlights Soundtrack from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.

More Vimeo Channels

If you dig these videos, you might want to swing by my other channels on Vimeo. If you want to keep up with these channels, use the "Follow me" button on pages on Vimeo.


Mark Mosher
Boulder, CO

Hands-On Review of Nord Lead 4 v1.30 OS Update

Photo Dec 28, 5 46 37 PM

On December 23rd, 2014, Nord released an OS update for the Lead 4 Synthesizer bringing it to version 1.30.

Download the update from here

I applied the update to my Nord Lead 4 yesterday and got some hands-on time using the new OS. In this article I'll offer some first impressions followed by the comprehensive list from Nord on what's new with annotated notes.


Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Boulder, CO 


Innovator's Paradox

Before I talk about the update, I do want to mention that I was really hoping the Lead 4 would inherit some features from its newer little sibling the Nord Lead A1.

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Nord Lead 4 Improv Custom Preset b.46

B46 nord lead 4

Here is a little custom Nord Lead 4 preset and improv I made a few days back. To me, it illustrates the incredible sonic range you can get out of a single preset on the Nord Lead 4. When doing presets like this, I link to put myself in the headspace of a modular I use the "Hold" buton to trigger notes then use the impulse morphs to change the patching around the presets. As the note(s) drone on I'm morphing a whole lot of params with the mod wheel, and triggering and latching the impulse morphs. It's super fun and quite a rapid workflow when you get up to speed.

Just as I was heading to bed the other night, I made the mistake of turning on the Nord Lead 4 and started working on a new preset from INIT. I'm not done, but while I was working with the preset I turned on the recorder and captured this improv. So work in progress and a bit of a rough recording (sorry about the crackles but I overdrove the input to the recording in my delirious state) - but you'll get the idea of where this preset is going. So all this is a single preset in a single slot with lots of morphing via mod wheel and impulse morphs.

Mark Mosher (meetup)

Video of Hiromi Uehara Shredding on a Nord Lead in "Return Of The Kung-Fu World Champion" + New Album Alive Coming This June

Just bumped into this video of the amazing Hiromi from a few years back and wanted to pass it along.

By the way, she is on tour and has a new album coming out in June called  Here is a video of Alive. Hiromi The Trio Project performing "Alive" (live in the studio).

More on her album and tour here