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My New Cinematic Electronic Soundscape Marooned Now Available

Marooned Cover 600 - Mark Mosher

Marooned is Now Available

A Bandcamp exclusive with high-quality download in MP3, FLAC... includes digital booklet PDF containing 16 pages of liner notes, photos, and graphical score.

I'm super excited to announce my new album Marooned is now available. This soundscape is in the same universe and is a prequel to my alien invasion concept album series Reboot, I Hear Your Signals, and Fear Cannot Save Us. Unlike the first three albums which contained shorter composed and often groove-based songs, this album contains a single long-form recording combining electronic tonalities and abstract expressionist music. See detailed description below. Watch for future posts on the making of Marooned.

You can listen to and buy the album at

Enjoy and please tell your friends. 

About Marooned

Marooned is an original cinematic electronic soundscape. I think of it as a score for a film yet to be made. An Earth ship crashes on a massive moon and the only hope for the crew's survival is making it across a harsh landscape to an alien outpost for a first, and uninvited, encounter.

This work is an example of live sonic storytelling and was recorded in one pass (with no prerecorded sequences, overdubs, or edits) after weeks of improvising and rehearsal.

Instrumentation: 90% Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer (performance instrument with all original signature sounds), 5% Octatrack (performance sampler for original field recordings/samples and on-the-fly sequencing), and 5% Tenori-On (performance instrument and on-the-fly sequencing). 

0:00 Approach
0:59 System Failure
1:30 Crash, Ejection, Blackout

2:08 Regaining Consciousness
4:14 Being Scanned

5:06 The Traverse

7:10 Point of No Return
8:04 Solving the Airlock Puzzle
8:53 Moving Through the Darkness
9:30 The Trap

10:47 March to Chamber

15:00 Extracting Secrets of Man and Machines

18:22 Extracting our Dreams



Written, performed, programmed, and produced by Mark Mosher

Cover photo and design, liner notes, and graphical score by Mark Mosher

Music inspired by Louis and Bebe Barron

Artistic process inspired by Joan Miro, Clyfford Still, and Darwin Grosse

(c)(p) 2015 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) - CC-BY-NC

Are You Ready to Hear a Copper Heart Played with Dry Ice Fed Through to an Octatrack with Theremin Accompaniment?


Are you ready to hear a copper heart played with dry ice fed through to an Octatrack with Theremin accompaniment? Well here you go.

Video of live concert footage: Concréte Mixer IV Denver - Co2 Copper Heart vs Octatrack vs Theremin with Thomas Lundy and Victoria Lundy. Recorded live at the Concréte Mixer IV concert at the Walnut Room in Denver on January 30th, 2015. I am live sampling the Copper Heart with an Elektron Octatrack and providing drum elements, Victoria Lunday is playing Theremin. The only audio source for Octatrack other than drum samples. Shot with GoPro with audio from Zoom H2n recording ambient room sound.

Live Concert Footage: Concréte Mixer IV Denver - Co2 Copper Heart vs Octatrack vs Theremin from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.

Vintage Synths: Reminiscing About Poly 800 + Moog Slayer Filter Mod + Poly-800 Meets Octatrack Improv


My First Synth

My very first synth was the Poly-800 which I bought the year it was introduced in 1984. It was the first programmable polyphonic synth for under a thousand bucks (I bought mine for $795 new). It was an incredible value at the time with these features:

  • MIDI  (which had only just been introduced at the 1993 NAMM show)
  • 8 note polyphony
  • Two stable digital oscillators (DCO) but with a 24dB/oct low-pas analog filter
  • Hold, Chord Memory
  • A step Sequencer
  • 49 Full-sized keys (non-velocity sensing)
  • Runs on battery (6 C cells)
  • 3 envelope generators
  • Chorus
  • Noise
  • Strap pegs so you could wear it like a keytar
  • A joystick to control pitch bend and modulation and the filter

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Dataline + Dirty Sandwich Jamming on Elektron Rytm, Octatrack and Analog Four


Watch this cool jam video –  Dataline + Dirty Sandwich Jamming on Elektron Rytm, Octatrack and Analog 4.

Met Dirty Sandwich at the amazing venue in Switzerland, Kiste Baden. We plugged in the machines and this is what happened.
Dirty Sandwich:

Mark Mosher (meetup)

Elektron Releases Octatrack OS 1.25B


Elektron has released OS 1.25B.

Octatrack OS 1.25b introduces small usability tweaks and squashes a few bugs. Read more and download from the Octatrack Downloads page.

According to the readme file in the zip file here is what’s new.

List of changes from Octatrack DPS-1 OS 1.25 to 1.25B

Holding [FUNCTION], snap functionality has been added to the Amp, Effects 1 and Effects 2 settings page parameters.

Bug fixes

Retrig of samples when SLIC was ON and LEN was TIME did not follow the LEN setting. Fixed.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO

How to Run Your Elektron Octatrack (and Other Elektron Gear or Gear that Runs on DC) on Battery Power with the Tekkeon myPower ALL Plus MP3450i


Almost immediately after buying my Octatrack I wanted to go mobile with it. I saw a post on the old Elektron-User forum where a user BIRDSINBRANCHES mentioned the Tekkeon myPower ALL Plus MP3450i Battery. I picked one up at B&H fro $139.


The unit ships with a little bag of 5 tips (you can order more online) and a cable that allows you to set polarity for the tip. There are also dip switches so you can change the voltage allowing you to use this solution on the entire Elektron link including Analog Four (caution analog four runs at a different voltage than other Elektron gear so double-check the settings before you plug-in).


In Use with Octatrack

I’ve been using it for a few months and can report it works great. I pair this with a Zoom H2 running on battery turning Octatrack into a complete mobile solution.

It takes around 3 hours to charge the battery with an included AC adapter. I’d say I get around 5 hours of battery life when powering the Octatrack. An audible alarm sounds from the battery when your about to run out of power giving you a heads up so you can save your work. There is also a button on the top with a blue LED that shines when the unit is powered on so you don’t accidently leave it on. If you press the button a series LEDs light up to show you how much charge is left in the battery.

Photo Oct 07, 1 43 12 PM

In Use with Other Mobile Devices

The manufacturer’s site has a table with estimated battery use times for various devices and the unit has a USB port. I’ve used it to run and charge my iPhone and iPad which has come in super handy. The battery will run an iPhone 50-100hrs and an iPad 23-46 hours! It seems that this battery is also popular with photographers so it might be useful if you want to power a camera to video your set, or act as a backup battery for your laptop.

Solar Power

Another cool feature for you Burning Man fans or those who do remote field recordings is an option to charge from solar panels:

The bottom row of the 6-Pin Input Port is designed to allow charging by smaller solar panels (lower than 25W), and requires an optional Smart 3-Pin Adapter (Sunbooster) available from Tekkeon.

Bottom Line – I give it a 10/10

This was a super useful addition to my rig and has come in super handy for travel in general. I no longer have to hover around electrical outlets at airports when my iPhone is low and I can now bring my Octatrack anywhere. Even if you don’t want to take your Octatrack out of your house it can reduce cable clutter.

Live Streaming SciFi Electronica + Dark Ambient Octatrack Improv - Today (9/23/2013) at 3pm MDT


Post show update: If you missed the show live you can hear a recording using the soundcloud player below.
Here is the playlyst:

I played some tracks from my albums and offered behind-the-scenes composer and producer's notes. I also performed an ambient improvisation in real-time with my Octatrack called  'Children Of The Gods Find The Weather Machine"

- Played the show in with a little "Orbiting Miranda" from album No Ghosts. Just Fear.
- “Midnight” from album REBOOT
- “Calibrating the Krell Educator Machine” which is an improv I posted on my SoundCloud account
- “Stealth” from the album REBOOT.
- “Children Of The Gods Find The Weather Machine” which I performed live
- “They Walk Among Us” from the album REBOOT.
- “Orbiting Miranda” from the album NO GHOSTS. JUST FEAR.


Subscribe  my channel Mixlr channel to get notified of upcoming shows.

I’ll be hosting a live audio streaming session today at 3pm MDT  (5pm EST, 21:00 GMT) for 30 minutes. I’ll be playing a few tracks of my original scifi-inspired Elecgtronica albums and offering behind-the-scene notes. I’ll also do a live improvisation using field recordings on my Octatrack.

You can listen to the show and chat on You can also follow me on Mixlr if you want to be notified of upcoming shows.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO