Working with the Elektron Octatrack has gotten back into sampling big time. Some of the things you can do with an Octatrack - like per step automation - can also be done with Ableton Push when working in "Note" mode in drum racks. One you turn on a note in... Read more →

I recorded the sound of a pen striking a half-full soda can. I loaded this into Sampler and went to the MIDI panel and mapped "Aftertouch" (pad pressure) to "Loop Length" with a value of -100. Now pad pressure modulate the loop length. Here is a video of this sound... Read more →

Link: Baauer Interview + SamplePack + 26-minute documentary from Red Bull Media House about Baauer’s sound travels | Ableton Music has existed for thousands of years. The variety of sounds, instruments and music cultures around the world is staggering in it’s diversity, yet often, we tend to stick to what we know. There’s something to be said for shaking off your habits and looking beyond the familiar; the... Read more →

'Interstellar' doesn't have sound problems — Christopher Nolan wanted it that way | The Verge

'Interstellar' doesn't have sound problems — Christopher Nolan wanted it that way | The Verge "SOME OF THE WORDS ARE INTENTIONALLY DOWNPLAYED IN FAVOR OF THE EMOTION OF THAT MOMENT." Interstellar sound designer Richard King tells The Verge that you aren't always supposed to understand the dialogue because the movie... Read more →

I've been getting back into Oingo Boingo again lately. I was a huge fan back in the day and actually was fortunate to have gone to quite a few concerts. One of the strangest was at the Air Force Academy - but that's a whole other story :^) Here is... Read more →

NIN: "Metal" with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09

I pretty much can't get enough of this video "Gary Numan makes a surprise appearance on stage with Nine Inch Nails for a performance of his song "Metal," live in London, UK, July 15th, 2009." Check out my interview with Gary Numan here. Read more →

A friend of mine loaned me his Korg RK-100S KEYTAR last weekend. Wow - what a fun and inspirational instrument! More than simply a controller the RK-100s has the same synth engine as the MicroKorg XL (including the vocoder). Like the MicroKorg XL you can edit presets via a computer... Read more →

Last night I was doing some late night patching with Absynth and I came up with an original patch called “endless chime grains”. I then did an improv using only this patch and built-in Absynth FX and posted it to soundcloud here “Endless Chime Improv (Absynth)". The spectrum view overlaid... Read more →

Here is a fantastic video from the late Richard Lainhart recorded in 2009. Thanks to my synth friend Tony Gerber for posting this on Facebook yesterday as I always loved this performance so it was nice to be reminded of it. And so I pass it on to you –... Read more →

I did a talk on Ableton Sampler at the Boulder Synthesizer Metup last month to help spread the word about some Sampler’s great features. One topic I covered was modulating parameters such as “Sample Offset” and “Loop Start” using LFOs, Envelopes, and MIDI. I was poking around YouTube and bumped... Read more →

If you are an Ableton Live user your are most likely familiar with Puremagnetik. If not swing by to check out there interesting and affordable Live Packs. Anyway – Puremagnetik is really the work of Micah Frank… Puremagnetik is the project of sound programmer Micah Frank. It is purposed... Read more →

I’ve been playing around with the demo of Bazille which just released and thought I’d share a little experiment to help illustrate how basic patching works. Click the image above to pop it up in another windows. In this patch called “FM Shred” I’m using OSC 2 to frequency modulate... Read more →

Information Society has a new album called _Hello World. "_hello world" is the first Information Society album to feature the original lineup of Kurt Larson, Paul Robb and James Cassidy in over 25 You can listen/buy the album on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon. Note if you buy the album... Read more →

Just got back from seeing Gone Girl. That was a crazy ride :^) I enjoyed the score quite a bit. After a some searches on the internets I found this interview video with Trent Reznor about the project. I recommend you do your first listen of the score in the... Read more →