Acoustic Ecologies - Sound Snapshots of Ecosystems by Puremagnetik's Micah Frank

Winter Field Recording

If you are an Ableton Live user your are most likely familiar with Puremagnetik. If not swing by to check out there interesting and affordable Live Packs. Anyway – Puremagnetik is really the work of Micah Frank…

Puremagnetik is the project of sound programmer Micah Frank. It is purposed since 2006 as a creative sound design outlet, releasing “packs” inspired by all types of ongoing recording work.

Micah Frank is an award winning music and sound programmer. He studied Jazz and Contemporary Music at The New School, afterwards spending many years as a professional composer and sound designer. His sound projects include programming for major synthesizer manufacturers, interactive sonification installations and more.

Residing in Berlin, Germany, Micah is the lead developer/owner at Puremagnetik and the Sound Packs Manager at Ableton AG.

In 2014, Micah started work on a cool new sound ecology project at which is a Tumblr Page allowing you to follow along on his adventures.

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Patching U-HE Bazille: #01 FM Shred Demo


I’ve been playing around with the demo of Bazille which just released and thought I’d share a little experiment to help illustrate how basic patching works. Click the image above to pop it up in another windows.

In this patch called “FM Shred” I’m using OSC 2 to frequency modulate OSC1. Here it is step-by-step

  1. I patch the output of OSC2 to the pitch of OSC1 and turn the bi-polar gain knob left so it take the pitch down.
  2. I patch ENV2 to control the volume of OSC2.
  3. I patch the groovy sequencer to modulate this pitch of OSC2 so do some motion. I switch “Time Base” to Hertz, and then use the divide button to slow it down a bit. I programmed a few step (rotate the knob to create a series of steps to morph between).
  4. I map LFO1 to modulate the Sequencer and turn up the gain on the end-point so that the LFO causes the Sequencer to rotate and morph between steps.
  5. I patch ENV3 to the filter and turn up the gain and patch LP12 to the main OUT 1.
  6. I patch the output of OSC1 to the filter.
  7. Finally (see image below) , sweeten things up a bit, I switch to the “TWEAKS & FX” tab, turn on the delay and adjust delay params.


Listen to the end result.

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Information Society Releases New Album “_Hello World” Including Cover by Devo with Guest Vocals by Gerald Casale


Information Society has a new album called _Hello World.

"_hello world" is the first Information Society album to feature the original lineup of Kurt Larson, Paul Robb and James Cassidy in over 25

You can listen/buy the album on SpotifyiTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon. Note if you buy the album on Bandcamp you get a PDF with 6 pages of liner notes.

Here is a video for one of the new tracks “Let it Burn”.

In addition to original tracks, there is a cover of DEVO’s “Beautiful World” including some vocals by DEVO’s Gerald Casale. Here is the official vid.

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Trent Reznor Talks About His Score for “Gone Girl”


Just got back from seeing Gone Girl. That was a crazy ride :^) I enjoyed the score quite a bit. After a some searches on the internets I found this interview video with Trent Reznor about the project.

I recommend you do your first listen of the score in the theater in the context of the film and on the mega theater speakers. After that you can listen to the score on Spotify. Here it is on iTunes.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO (meetup)

Novation Launchpad S vs. Launchpad Mini

launchpad s vs mini

I used to use the hell out of the Launchpads in the studio and in my show rig from 2010-2012. In 2013 I sold both my launchpads when I switched to Maschine. In 2014 I then moved on to Push which I simple love! Recently I decided I wanted to pick up a Launchpad so I could:

  1. Have a backup controller for Push that wouldn’t take up a lot of room in my carry-on
  2. Use a Launchpad to control session view so I could stay focused on Note Mode on Push thereby reducing mode switching on Push
  3. Be able to perform some songs off of my 2nd alien invasion album I Hear Your Signals, like “Celebration and Voices” were created using  custom Launchpad mapping that I’ve never been able to quite replicate on other controllers
  4. I wanted a small footprint controller to sit next to my Octatrack on a Roland Laptop stand so I could play using Octatrack and Live from a single table (and Push is too big for that sort of thing.

Of course today there is a choice to be made these days.  Launchpad S or Launchpad Mini? While researching this I found a fantastic in-depth comparison video on Chris Hahn’s YouTube channel.

I ended up going with the Launchpad Mini. I went with the Mini because, for what I needed, the smaller footprint was better. As Chris mentions in his video, the small buttons are great, you can reach them all with your thumbs (holding it more like a Tenori-On), and the fully rubberized back is great for popping the unit on the right-side deck of say a Nord Lead 4 or Blofeld.


My only concern in getting the Mini was it uses Micro USB which I hate because they snap off so easily. I’m happy to report that Novation supplies a really great 4.5’ cable with the jack mounted in a block of plastic. When the cable is plugged the block of plastic snugs up against the body of the Launchpad Mini so stresses from cable tension are distributed along the block instead of just on the metal jack. Nice one Novation! The Mini is also an excellent value at $99 – especially considering you get Ableton Live Lite with it.

launchpad mini cable

I have to say I’m using it even more than I thought in conjunction with Push and for easy chair production sessions. Welcome back Launchpad! Welcome back :^)

PS – Here is an video from a few years back of my song “Celebration and Voices” which I can now play again.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO (meetup)

Modulate This! Synth Blog Turns 9


Wow – the last year has ben my busiest music year ever! I released more music and played more shows than ever before over (photos) with my solo work (, I formed a new duo and released an EP., I continued to host the Boulder Synthesizer Meetup which just passed the two year mark with over 190 members. I produced a few shows in Boulder, one of which one a “Best Of” award by Westword Magazine.

As a result posts on Modulate This! came in bursts – but posts did come  ^)

Looking Back

Here are some highlights and representative posts from the last year.

I some really cool interviews this year, like Interview with Gary Numan,


and, Interview with Composer Reinhold Heil on His Work on The Helix TV Series on SyFy


I continued to share research in mindmap form like my Post on What’s New in  Live 9 (mindmap viewed over 13,000 times).


I’ve gone deep with instruments like Absynth and shared some tips on sound design -  NI Absynth Tip: How to Set Channel Volume, Overall Preset Volume and Enable Automatic Channel Level Adjustment.image

Last year I fell in love with the Octatrack and did posts some posts passing along tips on it and electronic music rigs in general, like How to Run Your Elektron Octatrack (and Other Elektron Gear or Gear that Runs on DC) on Battery Power with the Tekkeon myPower ALL Plus MP3450i


I’ve come to know some really cool people in my synth journey, so there were posts like this one trying to spread the word about their projects - Art + Music + Technology By Darwin Grosse - A Must Listen Podcast for Electronic Musicians


I also had the good fortune to fly out and perform and do installations at festivals so I did a few show reports.

Video and Photos from My 9 Box AudioCube Mountain Oasis 2013 Adventure with the Bob Moog Foundation.

Electro-Music event coverage.

Looking Forward

Here are some links you might find helpful going into year 9.


Thanks for reading, watching, and listening. Here is to another year!

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO <<< Support the effort with a music buy :^)

de/Rastra: Installation - Kyle Evans - Cathode Ray Tube Television, Video Transmission, and Algorithmic Computer Composition


I first saw Kyle’s work at the 2012 Margarate Guthman Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech where he won 2nd place. I was cruising around YouTube and bumped into a more recent piece called de/Rastra: Installation: Cathode Ray Tube Television, Video Transmission, and Algorithmic Computer Composition. Don’t try this at home kids!
Cathode ray tube televisions, video transmission and algorithmic computer composition.
@ Co-Lab Projects, Austin TX - October 2013
Project page:!deras...

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO (meetup)